Private Lessons

When I had assisted the aquatics director at the local community center,  I learned that if 15% of the class learned how to swim, that was considered a successful class. My one-on-one private lessons help you learn vital skills before you progress to ensure success.

Teaching Method

Through my own education as a beginner to a competition level swimmer, and acquiring the skills to pass on my own knowledge to my students through American Red Cross’ Water Safety Instructor course, I have over decade of teaching experience that has given me the experience to teach you or your child a progressive approach to swimming.

Learning Environment

How many times have you seen a parent or instructor dunk a child underwater without proper warning just to have the child hate water or be traumatized for the rest of his/her life? My experience as a Red Cross Certified Water Safety Instructor has helped me understand that my students respond better to a nurturing, supportive, and fun environment. I introduce fun and games into my lessons so that learning can be fun and rewarding.

Efficient Techniques

As a Former Coach for the United States Sports Camps and competitive swimmer, I have gained the knowledge to teach you how to swim efficiently and effectively, actively using all muscles of the body to propel yourself in the water through all the four competitive swimming strokes. If you are a Triathlon competitor, or a competitive swimmer with the interest of creating personal bests through more efficient swimming technique, I can help you reach your goals.