“I have three children with very different personalities.  James took the time to get to know each kid individually in order to find the most successful way to teach them.  With my eldest, patience was the key.  James knew he was unwilling to learn to swim and slowly found ways to motivate him.  Now my son -who never liked water much -  is swimming a very impressive butterfly and never complains about going to swim class!.  My middle son is very competitive so James taps that side of him and tries to find new ways to challenge him and often races him.  My little girl loves to learn but needs to have fun in order to remain focused. Thus James devises ways to play with her while he teaches her.  James is passionate about teaching and has mastered a successful mix of stern, serious coaching with some fun and caring guidance”. 
-Diana Biagioli, Parent & Swimmer
“James is fun.  He has good drills and teaches us techniques without pressuring us to learn them fast”.
-Dario, Age 11
“I was a good swimmer, so i thought, and was doing my usual laps in the pool. The lifeguard at the time, James, was kind enough to give me some free pointers on improving my stroke. I was so impressed that I hired James for private lessons for the next year during which time, we focused on stroke technique. The challenge was that for each stroke, I had to unlearn many bad habits that I had picked up over the years and that no one had pointed out. I went from being a good swimmer to a very good swimmer. What has always impressed me, beyond his ability to swim, is James' ability to observe a swimmer's stroke, dissect it and make critical observations. I have since hired James to teach my two boys. They both have become very good swimmers and are on swim teams. I am now waiting for my two youngest kids to become old enough to take lessons with James”.  
-Daniel Buchen, Parent & Swimmer
“I like swimming the butterfly, and James is a good teacher”! 
- Rania, Age 4
“James is a great instructor. I'm 18 years old and before I started the lessons I was really hesitant about his ability to teach an adult, but he has made tremendous progress with me. His teaching methods are simple but can get difficult as they go on. I'm glad I took lessons from him and not somebody else”. 
-Forhad Sattar, Adult Beginner
“Thanks again, James. Loved the lesson. I feel like I learned many valuable tips from you in one lesson”. 
-Samina Sami, Adult Intermediate
“James is an incredibly patient and thorough instructor. I appreciate his positive reinforcements and that when he's giving corrective advice it's always from a "you can do it" perspective. As someone who can be really hard on myself it's refreshing to have someone tell me not to worry and that if I relax and keep going things will get better. I really like the fact that he builds a solid foundation to build on. He's teaching me the right way to do things so I can be the best swimmer I can be. I think he's an all around great person to have lessons with. Anyone considering taking swimming lessons go ahead and call or email James to set up a lesson. He's great”! 
-D'Llyna A., Adult Beginner
“James is a kind and patient teacher.  I am now a stronger swimmer and a more relaxed one!  His breathing techniques are so helpful and I love his gentle teaching style”. 
 -Shaiza Shamim, Adult Beginner
“I took swimming lessons when I was younger and again a few years ago but, never made any real progress.  I decided to give it another try and found James' website.  James is a very patient and encouraging instructor.  There is no pressure or rush to move on to the next thing. He breaks everything down so you can understand it and then builds up on top of it as you progress.  I feel like I'm not only learning how to swim, but how to swim correctly with the right technique. The lessons are great, a  high point of my week.  If you have never taken a lesson before or want to improve your technique you should definitely take a class with James”.
 -Omoy Hall, Adult Beginner
“I am 29 years old and James taught me how to swim.   I didn’t know how to swim (complete ignoramus about swimming and feared water in general) before taking lessons with James.  James was extremely patient with me and paid attention to details of my learning progress through out the lessons.  His attention to details was right away a sign to me that I made a right choice in finding the best instructor.  Thanks to him, now, I know how to swim.  Some of his breathing techniques have helped me relax in my regular life as well (a huge plus!).

I can honestly say this is probably one of the best investments I’ve made in my life.  I highly recommend taking lessons with James, especially if you are a complete beginner (with a little bit of water fear) like myself”.

Thanks James!
-Chirag, Adult Beginner
“Although I had lessons prior to working with James, they were in group settings and often felt rushed. I felt no more comfortable in the water with lessons than I did without them. With James' patient
and loose teaching methods I felt like I was actually making progress and more importantly felt comfortable in the water sooner than I imagined it would happen. Now, I have no fear of the water and am very confident in my growing skills as a swimmer”.
-Erich Green, Adult Beginner
“Thanks for all your help James. If it wasn't for you I would probably gone another decade away from the water. Just after three lessons I couldn't believe how comfortable I was feeling in the water. You made Costa Rica the best it could have been. Thanks to you I was surfing in the ocean. Great thanks for helping my husband John improve his breathing and swimming skills. I know he can't wait to plan our next surfing trip. Thanks again James. If you are a beginner like me, or just want to improve on what you know, James is your guy”.
-Mev and John, Adult Beginners & Surfers
“I am an adult with no swimming experience.  After 7 lessons with James, I now know the basics of swimming.  Though I am not yet a proficient swimmer (it's all about practice now), I thank James for his patience and guidance in helping me to learn the basics.  James is a great teacher with a positive, encouraging attitude, and great insight on what, where, and how I could improve my various skills.  He can look at my legs at the beginning of the lesson and tell if I've been running and my hamstrings are too tight!  Overall, a great teacher that I would highly recommend”. 
-Thao, Adult Beginner
“Looking for a swimming instructor that makes you feel safe, explains each technique thoroughly and makes each session lots of fun?  Then you need to hire James Cha.  Why? 

He simply explains each swimming technique so that you will do them correctly each and every time.
He makes every move safe so that you will swim without injury.
He makes each session fun because swimming is suppose to be a wonderful experience each and every time you get into the water.

This is why I continue to hire James.  He's professional, has a great attitude and your confidence grows each time you visit him.  I couldn't ask for anything more”.
-Peggy Durant, Adult Beginner
“If watching toddlers valiantly swim past you almost brings tears to your eyes in frustration, then swimming  with James is your answer. I started out with a slight phobia of water. I had never learned to swim and had barely interacted with water growing up. For most of my life, I had resolved that I would be the chick that couldn't swim, especially since I'm in my mid-twenties. So, it was a given that I needed someone with infinite patience. 

Some instructors can be great swimmers but not the best at teaching or empathizing with their students. James re-channeled and diagnosed my fear as "fear of the unknown". He was excellent in making me feel secure, relaxed, informed, and empowered. He is very hands-on and motivating. Because of these lessons, swimming has gone from a Guantanamo Bay torture session to one of the most adventure-filled parts of my week.

As a runner, I already have enough spontaneous injuries as it is. Through James' guided practice, I have learned the most efficient techniques, which I found even aiding my injuries to recovery. Thus, I am truly thankful that I found James. For twenty-something years,  I had no idea swimming could be so much fun! There's no way you could regret working with him”!!!
-India Love, Adult Beginner
“James has got swimming down to a science.  As long as you put in the effort, James will lay the groundwork for you to accomplish your goals.  In just three lessons with James, I've learned more about swimming than ever before and am on my way to being a proficient swimmer”.
-Kiran Pillai, Adult Beginner
“I am learning to swim as an adult and it can be intimidating.  James is a superb instructor who spends time making sure you learn proper techniques and the physics of swimming prior to moving on the next stroke.  As a result of working with James, I made significant improvements in my freestyle and backstroke while learning strokes that were previously difficult.  I am much more confident in the water and look forward to lifelong participation in the pool.
I whole heartedly recommend James and look forward to many more lessons for myself in the near future”.
-David Acharya, Adult Intermediate
“As an adult it has always been my goal to learn how to swim. Within 3 lessons I couldn't believe what James had taught me. He's patient and really works hard to make sure you improve. Now I'm at the pool often practicing the skills he taught me instead of being the one always sitting on the bench or shore watching others enjoy the water. Even my husband who is an excellent swimmer was impressed with what he saw! Thank you James for teaching me how to swim”!
- Flassteen Saleh, Adult Beginner
“We would wholeheartedly recommend James as a swim instructor. His extensive teaching credentials and “safety first” approach with our 2-1/2 y.o. daughter Stella quickly reassured us that she was in good hands. 

James’ highly-personalized approach to teaching was refreshing and reassuring to us, and Stella always looked forward to swimming class with him. And as parents, we also picked up a few bonus swimming tips along the way!  

James worked with us to define goals for Stella’s advancement, but also recognized that class was about having fun, too. Each class was well-structured and varied, with fun exercises geared to her age level. James communicated the goals of the class at the beginning of every session, and was very receptive to our questions and comments. At the end of the class, he would also give a recap of our daughter’s progress. James quickly built Stella’s -- and our -- confidence with her new skills in the water”.
Charles Squire, Parent
“I have been working with James for about a year. I started out as a beginner, and James has been equally diligent and patient with me as I made progress. He is an excellent teacher – he communicates instructions very clearly and intuitively and always provides positive reinforcement. My goals have changed since I started learning how to swim, and James has been flexible and  has tailored our sessions to my changing goals. Overall, I would highly recommend James to anyone who is interested in swimming – from beginners to advanced swimmers”.
-Svetlin Petkov, Adult Intermediate
“James was able to help me dramatically improve my swimming ability in a matter of a few lessons. I was a very poor swimmer before and had difficulty improving on my own as I wasn't sure what I was doing wrong. Friends also seemed to be of limited help, as most weren't quite able to pinpoint the exact deficiencies in my technique.

However, James easily identified my shortcomings and provided drills for me to work on to overcome each of them. He was also very patient and accommodating. I can see how he would be very good with children, as well. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking to learn or simply improve their technique”.
-Fong Chen, Adult Beginner-Intermediate
“My friend and I had private lessons with James together. We were adults learning to swim. James was very patient. He allowed us to learn at our own speeds while challenging us to do more than we thought we could. I am proud to say that we were able to swim at the conclusion of our lessons”.
-Lily Man, Adult Beginner